Can I pay monthly ? 

Posso pagare mensilmente ?

The answer to this question is yes. The only problem is that if you pay monthly then the cost will be greater at the end of the academic year, compared to the all-in-one instalment.

Si. L’unico problema sarebbe che se paghi mensilmente il costo sarebbe molto di più del costo annuale.

   What about if I am not able to continue my lessons and I paid for the whole academic year ?

E se non posso continuare le lezioni e ho pagato per tutto l’anno ?

The best solution here is for you to find a replacement so that you could get your money back from your replacement. 

La migliore soluzione qui è di trovare per tuo conto un’altro allievo per rimpiazarti così da ricevere i soldi indietro.

   If I also skip the makeup lesson, can I ask for another makeup ?

Dovessi mancare la lezione di recupero, posso chiedere ancora di recuperarla ?

Unfortunately, once you skip the makeup lesson you cannot make up for it on another day. 

Purtroppo una volta mancata alla lezione di recupero, lo studente non potrà recuperarla un altro giorno.

   Are the lessons divided by levels ?

Sono le lezioni divise in diversi livelli ?

Of course they are. Sometimes though you might find a student better at listening per say than at speaking or another student good at grammar and bad at listening. Generally speaking, Marc will put you in the level you should be. 

Naturalmente si. Qualche volta comunque troverete qualche studente che sono migliore nella grammatica per esempio che nel parlare. Marc vi inserirà nel livello giusto che dovresti essere.

   If I change my mind about the class could I change it with another one ?

Se volessi cambiare orario, posso cambiarla per un altro orario ?

If Marc finds you have a problem adapting with the class he chose for you then YES ! He will try and find you the best alternative for you. 

Se Marc trova che hai un problema nel adattarti al livello della classe è ovvio che si !. Lui troverà un’alternativa per te.

   Can I make up for the skipped lessons ?

Si possono recuperare le lezioni mancate ?

The difference between a normal school and Marc’s classes is this actually. He holds up to 13 different classes a week so you can even choose your best time to make up for it.
He will give you up to 1 month time to make up for it. You may not make them up at the end of the course or at the same time of your appointed lesson. 

La differenza tra una scuola normale e i corsi di Marc è proprio questo. Marc ha 13 diversi corsi alla settimana quindi puoi scegliere persino il migliore orario per te. Ti darà fino ad un mese di tempo per recuperarla. Non è autorizzato recuperarla alla fine del corso ne recuperarla nello stesso orario stabilito della propria lezione.

  Does Marc provide genuine receipts for the lessons taken ?

Si consegnano delle fatture ?

The lessons follow the standards of the Italian law. Authentic receipts with his “partita IVA” are given for the lessons as soon as the payment is made. 

Le classi sono seguiti con gli standard della legge italiana. Le fatture con la sua rispettiva Partita IVA verranno consegnate appena pagate.

  1. The lessons will be held on the specific time and date established by the student and teacher.

  2. The lessons will be made up of 5 students. Sometimes though, there could be a sixth student making up a skipped lesson.

  3. The break will be at every hour, and it will last no more than 10 minutes.

  4. The student may come to lessons 5 to 10 minutes before the established time of the lesson. Sometimes, they might have to wait in the lobby until their prearranged time, due to the previous lesson being held.

  5. If the student wishes to change time and date of their lessons once the group had started, it will not be possible unless another student from another group is willing to swap times with them.

  6. The teacher will decide on the days the lessons will not be held (as in strikes, weather conditions, etc.), unless they are public holidays.

  7. The lessons in which the student is not present will not be repeated. The student though, could easily make up their skipped lesson by attending other course suggested by the teacher. This could be done ONLY within two months range. After that period the skipped lesson will be considered lost.

  8. The cost of the lessons will be FULLY paid at the beginning of the course.

  9. To book a spot in a group, the student must leave a deposit of 100€ as a commitment to their attendance to the course requested for the following academic year.

  10. If the student cannot come to the lessons anymore, they can find and give their place to someone they know who has the SAME English level as theirs. The teacher is not responsible for the new student attending the group.

  11. The teacher is not responsible if the students have issues with each other. However, he will act as a mediator for problems related to socialisation.

  12. The amount the student pays for the lessons does not represent a personal amount for their attending the course. It represents a part of the total cost of the course that is added to the ones their classmates pay as well.

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